9 days before departure expedition postponed

Nine days before leaving for Côte d’Ivoire, the TU2R Team members have decided to postpone the expedition to a later date in 2020. Due to the current pandemic situation, we took the decision in the interest of health and safety. We will keep you informed of our new plans. Thank you for your understanding.

37 days before departure

37 days before departure, Roger ON7TQ visited Olivier ON4EI to collect a first part of the equipment and antennas in order to prepare the packaging. Beginning March, we will build and test the complete setup.

TU2R Preparation

We reached some concrete steps in the expedition preparation. After the licences, flight tickets and lodge booking, ON4EI got today his Visa to Ivory Coast. Now we have checked the whole process, the other team members will follow in the next weeks. In // we start to check equipment and we plan to organise some…

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